Finding the Strength to Even Get Dressed after the Loss of a Child: A Tribute to Ashley Dorn

Finding the Strength to Even Get Dressed after the Loss of a Child: A Tribute to Ashley Dorn

Dear A'Dorn Comfy Closet Family, 

As I sit down to write this blog, my heart overflows with both sorrow and gratitude. It's been over two decades since I lost my beloved daughter Ashley Dorn. The Holidays are what seems to make it so real. The ache of her absence is a constant companion. Many of you have experienced a similar loss, and my deepest sympathy goes out to each and every one of you. I've embarked on this business journey in a heartfelt dedication to her, hence the name A'Dorn Comfy Closet.

Losing a child is an indescribable pain, a journey of grief where there's just no words to express or explain how you are now left to feel. This is now your new life. But amid the darkness, there's a truth I've come to embrace and that's the simple act of getting up, getting dressed, and continuing to move forward, even when every fiber of our being wants to stand still.

Ashley's spirit will forever live on. I will continue to speak her name and smile. Life can be heartbreaking, and so very unpredictable. The journey of healing is unique. Some days, merely getting out of bed is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Other days the act of selecting a comfy, cozy outfit from A'Dorn Comfy Closet can also be a small victory. Either way, it's ok to grieve, but it's equally important to find strength in the ordinary moments. Simple as they may be.

Together, let's acknowledge the pain, share our stories, and support one another. Ashley Dorn's legacy is not just one of loss. So let's honor her memory by embracing each day, finding comfort in your life, and extending a compassionate hand to those in need.

If you're experienced such a loss, and would love to talk. Please feel free to comment below. Warm regards and heartfelt gratitude.

This is my first blog, but certainly just the beginning. Say her name Ashley Dorn

Deedee Dorn/Owner

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